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*aggressively designs OCs I’ll never use*


creating a character that you like but don’t know what to do with



someday i hope my ocs can be someones fave character. that’d b cool

Lionel Alvin Noir [3]

Being the brainiac person he is, Lionel tends to spend his free-time with brain games and puzzles and reading. He can finish a few different types of puzzles in one sitting. His most favorite puzzle would be crossword puzzle, which he tends to finish more than one puzzle in one sitting. Because of his hobby, most of his passwords for his files related on programming his siblings’ Gundams are inspired from brain games, which requires you to think for the passcode.

As for reading, Lionel prefers classics by past authors such as Jane Austen, Alexandre Dumas and so, besides nonfictions. His personal favourite novel would be The Three Musketeers and Pride & Prejudice.

Lancelot Ace Noir [3]

Lancelot doesn’t have any pets due to his lifestyle. He’s not sure whether keeping an animal in the house while trying to survive and not get caught by the Noir family was a good idea. However, after he had reunited with his siblings and had them stayed with him, he decided to adopt both a dog and a cat at a local shelter after noticing his sister being depressed about something that she refuses to tell him.

The dog, a 7-year-old female Bichon Frisé, was given the name Cosette. Gentle and friendly, she’s a well-trained dog that rarely cause disturbance within the household. Being a trained show dog by her former owners, Cosette can do tons of fun tricks and usually does it to get attention from the siblings. Every morning, the pup tends to wake the Noir siblings up, get the morning papers and postmen love her for not chasing them just for mails and newspapers.

Oscar is a 2-year-old male Ragdoll that Isaac chose at the shelter. Despite being chosen by the guy, he’s more affectionate to Izzy and tends to treat her twin as if he was the feline’s personal slave. Like Cosette, he’s a quiet cat who rarely causes a lot of noise in the house. However, he’s a bit on the dumb and stupid side. He’s easily scared by his own reflection, toys thrown at him and loud sounds. Whenever it’s bathing time, his hiding places tend to be on top of cabinets and can’t get down, causing a lot of fusses when his owners tries to get him down by scratching them and clinging onto the wooden furnitures.

When Lancelot and his siblings continued their jobs in their respective organizations, both Cosette and Oscar were given to their neighbors to be taken care of when they’re not at home.

Lionel Alvin Noir [2]

Lionel’s name is a diminutive of Léon, which is French for the Greek-origin word for ‘lion’. His middle name is derived from an Anglo-Saxon-origin name Ælfwine, which means ‘elf friend’ while Noir, his surname, is ‘black’ in French.

His codename, Felix means ‘lucky’ in Latin, while Morell is another spelling for the French surname, Morel that carries the meaning of ‘the Moor’ or ‘dark one’.

As for nicknames, his younger siblings calls him ‘Leo’ or ‘Bro’, while Felicia likes to call him nicknames related to his smart mind (ex. Einstein, Mr. Know-It-All etc.).

Lancelot Ace Noir [2]

Lancelot’s name has an unknown meaning, though it’s possibly an Old French diminutive of Lanzo which is originally a short form of names that began with the element land. The name became associated with Old French lance, which means ‘spear, lance’, during the Middle Ages. He was named after one of the famous Knights of Round Table, following his family’s tradition of naming their first born sons after heroes. His middle name comes from the English word, meaning ‘highest rank’ while his surname is French for ‘black’.

When it comes to nicknames, he’s often referred with his ranks by both his superiors and subordinates. However, he encourages close acquaintances to call him ‘Lance’.

Lancelot Ace and Lionel Alvin Noir [1]

Lancelot and Lionel’s birthday falls on 21st April, making their astrological profile…

Isaac Simon Noir [3]

Isaac tends to find things that lets him release his pent-up stress from intervention missions as hobbies. Out of all workout regimes, he prefers taking his anger out with punches on the bags. Because of this, he’s quite good when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and is the only ‘brawn’ among his siblings. The fact that he acknowledge his combat skills outside his Gundam makes him to think that he’s also his twin’s ‘personal bodyguard’ whenever the two are out to search for information.

He had a sparring practice with Allelujah before but then Hallelujah happened, and the bruise on his face that lasted for days was enough to tell him to not to let the man go his own way or even ask to spar with the guy ever again. However, when it’s with Felicia, he tends to playfully avoid her hits and taunts her for it, before also getting beaten to pulp by the girl.

Noir Siblings [1]

The Noir family consist of many twins, especially identical ones. Hence, couples in this family tend to avoid having more than two or three pair of twins.

Their late parents, Tristan and Giselle Noir were former AEU soldiers, both from France and siblings to to weapon-making companies’ CEOs. Tristan was a First Lieutenant-ranked mobile suit pilot while his wife was ranked Colonel and holds the position of Tactical Field Commander. While Tristan was sent to the military as a ‘pawn’ to strengthen the bond of Noir Corp. of Biotechnology & Weapon with them, Giselle was a runaway heiress who joined the military to set her family’s wrongdoings right and at the same time, fleeing from a life that would make her end up becoming a lab-rat. It took the two quite a long time to bond, from being classmates in the academy to their soldiers days. When they finally had confessed to each other their feelings, it took them three years of dating for Tristan to finally propose Giselle on their third anniversary.

A year after marrying Tristan, Giselle retired from the military after confirming that she was now pregnant with her first twin boys. Lionel was born, followed by Lancelot 10 minutes later. Due to his health issues since he was a toddler, Lionel was homeschooled by his parents and a few hired tutors, most of them were old friends of the couple. Lancelot grew up without any problems and dreamt of becoming a respected soldier like his father, which later inspired him to enter the same military academy as his parents did at the age of 12. By the time the two boys were 6, Isaac and Izzy were born.

When Tristan and Giselle first got married, they decided to stay for a while in Paris in Tristan’s apartment for a few years. A few months before their second set of twins were born, they had moved out and stayed at Cherbourg at a house that Tristan inherited from his parents. All was well for the Noir family until a few months after Lancelot had attended military academy, the house was raided by Eva, Giselle’s younger sister and head professor of the Morel family’s Project Prototype lab, and a few hired hitmen. Refusing to hand over their children, the couple perished after being shot in the head and heart. Isaac, Izzy and Lionel, however, remained uninjured but were soon taken to the lab. Lancelot received the news of his parents’ death and the disappearance of his siblings two days after the attack, given permission to claim his parents’ bodies and attend the funeral for a month.

The kidnapped Noir siblings were experimented on. However, unlike her brothers, Izzy was labeled as a ‘useless but potential’ experiment and was ordered to be kept inside a test tube. The girl was just 7 when she was placed in the tube with most of her memories, including her real name.

After Celestial Being took them in, the Noir siblings thought of the Ptolemy crew, along with a few Celestial Being members, as family.